Anker Solar Panel 625 100W

Brand: Anker

100W Solar Panel

The Anker 625 Solar Panel is a powerful and efficient source of renewable energy that provides a convenient and eco-friendly way to charge your electronic devices while on the go.

High Conversion Efficiency Solar Panel

The Anker 625 Solar Panel is an efficient source of renewable energy that can convert up to 23% of sunlight into solar energy. Even on cloudy days, this solar panel can charge your solar generators, ensuring that you have power when you need it most.

Smart Sunlight Alignment

With Anker’s proprietary Suncast technology, this solar panel can align itself to capture direct sunlight, providing a maximum charge. This technology ensures that your solar generator will charge as quickly as possible, so you can get back to your outdoor activities.

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Features & Specifications
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Specifations for: Anker Solar Panel 625 100W

  • Cell Efficiency: 23%
  • Net Weight: 11 lb / 5 kg
  • Product Dimensions (Folded): 20.7 x 18.5 x 3.4 in / 525 x 470 x 85 mm
  • Product Dimensions (Unfolded): 56.9 x 20.7 x 1.8 in / 1446 x 525 x 45 mm
  • XT60 Output: 100W
  • USB-C Output: 15W
  • USB-A Output: 12W
  • USB-A and USB-C Total Output: 15W Max
  • Operating Temperature: -4°F-140°F / -20°C-60°C


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Compatibility & Outputs

The Anker 625 Solar Panel is designed to be compatible with PowerHouse 521, 535, and 757 (sold separately), making it the perfect all-in-one power solution for road trips, camping trips, RVs, and more. This lightweight solar panel has a USB-C and a USB-A output port, which can charge two devices simultaneously.

Highly Durable Portable Solar Panel

This solar panel is highly durable, with scratch and weather-resistant properties that ensure it lasts as long as your adventures do. You won’t have to worry about it getting damaged during outdoor activities.

Installation of 100W Solar Panel

Installing a 100W solar panel is a fairly simple process that can be done by anyone with basic DIY skills. The first step is to select a location for the panel where it will receive maximum sunlight. This may require some experimentation to find the best spot, but typically a south-facing roof or a flat area with no obstructions is ideal. Once the location has been chosen, the panel can be mounted using brackets and hardware that is included with the panel.

After the panel is installed, it will need to be connected to a charge controller, which regulates the amount of power that is sent to a battery bank for storage. This will typically involve running wires from the panel to the controller and then from the controller to the battery bank. Finally, the battery bank can be connected to an inverter, which converts the stored DC power into AC power that can be used to power your home or appliances.

Benefits of 100W Solar Panels

There are several benefits to using 100W solar panels in residential and off-grid applications.

First, they’re a great size for small applications and can be easily scaled up or down as needed.

Second, they’re easy to install and require very little maintenance once they’re up and running.

Finally, they’re a great way to reduce your reliance on grid power, which can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

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