600W 12V Solar Panel Wind Turbine System


Solar Wind Turbine System

The hybrid Solar & Wind Power off-grid system Kit, which generates 600W of power, is a wonderful option for those who want to explore solar and wind power. This system addresses the low-efficiency issue that pure solar panel systems face in low temperatures and strong winds, making it suitable for all seasons and ideal for remote areas.

Versatile Wind Turbine System

This wind turbine system is great for all off-grid installations, including motorhomes, houses, home roofs, garages, gardens, cabins, sheds, and boats. It can also be used for any stand-alone off-grid solar power system with batteries, such as a household solar system or solar lighting. Its versatility and high-quality components make it an ideal solution for anyone looking to generate clean energy and become more self-sufficient.

What is Included in the Kit

This kit contains 100W monocrystalline solar panels with 21% high conversion efficiency, advanced encapsulation material, and a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame. Pre-drilled holes and pre-installed diodes allow for easy installation, and a pair of 90cm cables are included for connection. The kit also features a 400W wind turbine generator with three blades, a low starting wind speed of 2.5m/s, and quiet operation. It is hermetically sealed to prevent dust and rain from entering, ensuring long-lasting durability.

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Features & Specifications

Specifations for: 600W 12V Solar Panel Wind Turbine System

  • 2x 100W monocrystalline solar panels with 90mm of special solar cable and waterproof connectors
  • 1x 400W Wind Turbine Generator with 3 blades
  • 1x Hybrid Solar Wind Charge Controller
  • 1x 1000W Peak 2000W Power Inverter
  • 1x 5M solar cable with connectors (Red about 2.5M, Black about 2.5M)
  • 1x 3M battery cable with alligator clip (red about 1.5m, black about 1.5m)
  • 2 Set of Z mounting brackets
  • Y Branch Connectors( quantity depends on 12v/24v system)


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Benefits of combining wind turbine and solar panels

Combining wind turbines and solar panels offers several benefits that make it a popular choice for renewable energy generation.
One of the primary benefits is that it provides a more reliable and consistent energy supply. This is because wind and solar energy are complementary, meaning they often produce energy at different times. For example, wind turbines tend to produce more energy at night and during the winter months, while solar panels generate more energy during the day and in the summer months. By combining the two sources of energy, you can produce a more consistent supply of energy throughout the day and year.

Additionally, combining wind turbines and solar panels allows you to maximize energy production and reduce costs. By installing both types of systems, you can generate more energy from a single location, reducing the need for multiple installations and increasing efficiency. Lastly, combining wind turbines and solar panels also provides greater flexibility and versatility, making it an ideal solution for a variety of settings and applications.

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