1200W 12V Solar Panel Wind Turbine Kit

Solar Panel Wind Turbine Kit

Introducing the ultimate solution for your off-grid power needs: our 1200w Hybrid Solar & Wind Power Kit! With this kit, you can finally say goodbye to the low-efficiency problem of traditional solar panel systems in harsh weather conditions. The combination of solar and wind power means that you’ll generate an impressive 6 KHW of energy every day, regardless of the season.

Designed for Off-Grid

Designed to charge 12v and 24v batteries, our Hybrid Solar & Wind Power Kit is perfect for powering remote areas, cabins, RVs, boats, and more. With 5 hours of full sunshine and wind per day, you can enjoy reliable and renewable energy that saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint.

All Seasons Energy Production

Unlike traditional solar panels, which can struggle in harsh weather conditions, our Hybrid Solar & Wind Power Kit provides efficient energy production in all seasons. You’ll never have to worry about low temperatures or strong winds impacting your power supply again!

Easy to Install

Designed to charge 12v and 24v batteries, our kit is easy to install and operate. With just a few simple steps, you can start generating renewable energy and reducing your carbon footprint. And because our kit is so efficient, you’ll save money on your energy bills too!

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Features & Specifications

Specifations for: 1200W 12V Solar Panel Wind Turbine Kit

  • 8x 100W Polycrystalline solar panels with 90mm of special solar cable and waterproof connectors
  • 1x 400W Wind Turbine Generator
  • 1x 12V/24V 60A PWM Solar charge controller
  • 1x 12V/24V Wind charge controller
  • 1x 5M solar extension cables with Male & Female connectors (red about 2.5M + Black about 2.5M)
  • 1 Set of Y Branch Connectors (quantity depends on your you need 12v/24v system)


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Benefits of a Wind Turbine Kit

Low Maintenance: the wind turbine kit typically require low maintenance, which makes them an attractive option for those who want to reduce their energy bills without a lot of upkeep.

Durability: Most of the wind turbine kits are made of high-quality materials, which makes them durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Cost-Effective: The use of a wind turbine kit can be a cost-effective way to power homes or small appliances. Once installed, the system can generate energy without any additional costs, making it a great long-term investment.

Reduced Energy Bills: If the system generates more energy than required, the excess energy can be stored in batteries or sold back to the grid, resulting in reduced energy bills.

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