White Color Solar Panel Mounting Bracket Kit – Eco-Worthy



Small or large solar panels can be bonded directly to the roof without the need for drilling thanks to the strong side support.


This solar panel mounting bracket is made of high-quality materials making it durable. It is also waterproof.


Motorhomes, camper vans, caravans, lorries, buses, boats, and yachts, among other things, will benefit from this product. It can also be used on flat rooftops, sheds, garages, or other flat surfaces. For high-speed vehicles, our extra side brackets or our six-bracket kit are recommended.

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Features & Specifications
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Specifations for: White Color Solar Panel Mounting Bracket Kit - Eco-Worthy

Solar Panel Mounting Bracket

  1. Cable Entry
  2. Corner Brackets
  3. Side Brackets
  4. Corner & Side Brackets

Material: plastic
Color: white

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