3000W Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter 24V to 220V


Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Perfect for off-grid systems, this 3000W solar inverter will allow you to produce cleaner electricity for all your outdoor activities.
Camping, boat, farm, cabin: this is the must-have solar accessory. You can use this solar inverter for a full range of appliances such as microwave, coffee machine, TV, refrigerator and much more! It’s time to go green with this 3000W solar power inverter.

No electromagnetic pollution is produced, and the life of the appliance is protected: it is much better than a modified sine wave inverter.

What is a Pure Sine Wave Inverter Used For?

Works for all types of devices, including microwaves, coffee makers, televisions, refrigerators, chest freezers, and pond pumps, among others.

LCD Display & Smart Fan

The LCD display makes mastering your electricity duration easier.
Save energy and protect the inverter thanks to the smart fan.

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Features & Specifications
£329.99 Free Shipping

Specifations for: 3000W Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter 24V to 220V

  • Inverter Power Output: 3000W
  • Inverter Output Voltage: 220-240V AC
  • Inverter Output Frequency: 50Hz
  • Battery Voltage: 24V DC
  • Inverter Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
  • Efficiency: > 90%
  • Weight: 6.5 kg
  • Dimensions: 44 x 25 x 10.5 cm
  • Warranty: 12 Months


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Pure Sine Wave Inverter Battery

You can switch this to either a Lead-acid Battery or a Lithium Battery, extending your battery life and improving inverter efficiency.

Designed for Off-Grid Usage

This solar power inverter can be used for a Vehicle, RV, Trailer, Camping, House, Boat, Cabin, Farm, and so on.

Benefits of Pure Sine Wave Inverters

  1. Compatibility with sensitive electronics: The clean and stable AC power produced by a pure sine wave inverter is essential for powering sensitive electronic devices, such as computers, audio equipment, and medical devices, that require a stable and consistent power source. These devices may experience issues or even damage when powered by modified sine wave or square wave inverters, which can produce noisy or distorted power.
  2. Efficient power output: Pure sine wave inverters are highly efficient at converting DC power into AC power, with conversion efficiencies that can reach up to 95%. This means that more of the battery’s stored energy is used to power devices, reducing waste and extending battery life.
  3. Reduced noise and interference: The smooth and stable AC power produced by a pure sine wave inverter is free from electrical noise and interference, which can cause issues with audio equipment and other sensitive devices.
  4. Improved device performance: When powered by a pure sine wave inverter, electronic devices will operate more efficiently and with better performance compared to being powered by modified sine wave or square wave inverters. This can lead to longer device lifespan and improved functionality.
  5. Greater flexibility and versatility: Pure sine wave inverters can be used with a wide range of DC power sources, including solar panels, batteries, and generators. They can also be used in a variety of settings, from off-grid homes to RVs and boats.

Applications of Pure Sine Wave Inverters

  1. Off-grid solar power systems: Pure sine wave inverters are commonly used in off-grid solar power systems, where they convert DC power from solar panels or batteries into clean and stable AC power that can be used to power household appliances and other devices.
  2. RVs and boats: Pure sine wave inverters are also popular in RVs and boats, where they are used to power appliances and electronics while on the move. They can also be used in conjunction with solar panels and batteries to create a self-sustaining power system.
  3. Telecommunications and networking equipment: Pure sine wave inverters are also used to power telecommunications and networking equipment, such as routers, servers, and other devices. These systems require stable and reliable power to ensure uninterrupted operation.

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